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I enjoy working on a deep therapeutic level and addressing the various sources of pain. For my clients who appreciate it, I can use deep pressure. However, there is a balance and it is a bit of a dance, if you will; with the therapeutic and deep tissue work also comes the tuning in. I use breath work, guided mediations, essential oils, energy work and Reiki, assisted stretching, and care to achieve this balance. It brings my heart great joy to do this work and be of service to my community! 

Within my practice I like to recognize the whole picture. The body produces physical-anatomical pain and discomfort as well as the physiological discomforts and pains of the nervous, immune, and lymphatic systems. Completing this picture are the emotional and energetic pains and discomforts of the mind. Each of these realms play a part in our overall health, much like a puzzle is made up of many pieces. I believe it is important to give attention to every piece as we attempt to solve the puzzle together.   I have been dedicated to a holistic life style for many years. Through my own healing journey, I find much fulfillment in helping others live a more pain free life! I view our bodies as three dimensional tensegrity puzzles: isolated components held together inside a net of continuous tension.  Through looking, feeling, and moving our bodies we can start to become aware of what our bodies need. Every body needs something unique to its own constitution. Each session that I do is very different. I am very curious about my clients and strive to understand what each client needs to feel relaxed, present, safe, and encourage them to be curious about me as well. 


I grew up in Eugene, Oregon and received my Bachelors of Science in Psychology at the University of Oregon. Growing up and discovering who I was as well as facing the world around me was challenging. Mine has been a life full of lessons.  I wanted to learn and grow and transform. As a teenager, I started learning about more holistic lifestyles, at the bottom of this rabbit-hole I found my self-healing: Yoga, nutrition, meditation, dance, nature, animals, friendships, and family. Each holds a significant place in my heart. Through my own healing journey, I find fulfillment in helping others live a more pain free life!


Being an avid dancer and body mover, I wanted to learn the kinesthetic of movement and mix the worlds of mind, body and spirit. I have been a dancer most of my life. My favorite style being Fusion Bellydance. This passion of mine helped me realize that I could integrate my passion for dance with my desire to be of service to people in need. Quite an exciting path I took to become an LMT. I received my License at Lane Community College in 2015 and have I continue to be an eager learner.

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